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Blasthole drills

To meet your drilling and blasting objectives, look to powerful and reliable P&H rotary and down-the-hole blasthole drills. Designed for challenging operating environments, including arctic, high altitude and weak power grid mines.

Close up of drill on ZR77 blasthole drill
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  • Horsepower597 kW @ 2 100 rpm800 HP @ 2,100 rpm
  • Compressor38.5 CMM @ 34.5 bar1,360 CFM @ 350 psi
  • Hole range140 - 220 mm5.5 - 8.5 in
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  • Hole diameter200 - 270 mm7 7/8 - 10 5/8 in
  • Bit loading34 925 kg77,000 lbs.
  • Single pass hole depth16.8 m55 ft.
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  • Hole diameter349 mm13 3/4 in
  • Bit loading55 338 kg122,000 lbs.
  • Single pass hole depth20 m65 ft.
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  • Hole diameter270 - 444 mm10 5/8 - 17 1/2 in
  • Bit loading68 038 kg150,000 lbs.
  • Single pass hole depth19.8 m65 ft.

We have had dramatic results in the past month, drilling-wise. We can say that Komatsu’s presentation and training served as a hard reset of the drilling culture here. Our positive approach worked wonders and the operators really got with the program.

An offering of Komatsu's drill options

A suite of drill options engineered to handle varying conditions, including weak power grids, extreme temperatures and high altitude.
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