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You can count on P&H draglines for dismantling and moving material with outstanding efficiency and cost. Our draglines are built with customer-inspired innovations that help optimize their performance, with boom lengths and bucket capacities to meet your specific requirements.

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  • Bucket capacity42 - 60 m³55 - 80 yd³
  • Boom length84 - 107 m275 - 350 ft.
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  • Bucket capacity55 - 93 m³75 - 117 yd³
  • Boom length90 - 125 m300 - 405 ft.
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  • Bucket capacity85 - 122 m³110 - 160 yd³
  • Boom length100 - 130 m325 - 425 ft.

P&H draglines are built for cost-effective productivity and reliability

Advanced structural analysis, CAD modeling and high-tech gearing software have been utilized to create a dragline designed to deliver outstanding long-term cost-effective productivity and reliability.
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Surface mining industry

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