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Electric rope shovels

Helping you move more material in tough surface mining environments at a low cost per ton, P&H electric rope shovels are engineered for quality and toughness, alongside advances, such as state-of-the-art structural designs and electrical control systems.

Operator running P&H electric rope shovel

Nominal payload

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  • Nominal payload18 mt20 st
  • Dipper capacity11 m314 yd3
  • Production1 348 - 1 797 MTPH1,486 - 1,981 TPH
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2300XPC AC

  • Nominal payload45 mt50 st
  • Dipper capacity18 - 25 m324 - 33 yd3
  • Production3 365 - 4 488 MTPH3,710 - 4,947 TPH
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  • Nominal payload59 mt65 st
  • Dipper capacity26.8 - 33.6 m335 - 44 yd3
  • Production5 702 - 7 603 MTPH6,285 - 8,381 TPH
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4100C AC

  • Nominal payload72.5 - 82 mt80 - 90 st
  • Dipper capacity41 - 49 m354 - 64 yd3
  • Production7 184 - 9 579 MTPH7,919 - 10,559TPH
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4100XPC AC-90

  • Nominal payload73 - 82 mt80 - 90 st
  • Dipper capacity42 - 49 m354 - 64 yd3
  • Production7 183 - 9 578 MTPH7,919 - 10,559 TPH
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4100C BOSS

  • Nominal payload90.7 mt100 st
  • Dipper capacity49 m364.0 yd3
  • Production6 830 - 8 707 MTPH7,198 - 9,598 TPH

Why an electric rope shovel?

Hear what the benefits and limitations are for an electric rope shovel to know when that’s the best loading option for your operation.
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Choosing the right electric rope shovel for your mine

To help narrow down the options for choosing an electric rope shovel, and simplify the decision-making process, within this post we will explore the benefits electric rope shovels offer, Komatsu’s P&H electric rope shovel lineup, and how the right choice can make a big difference in your operation.
P&H 4100XPC electric rope shovel at night

A family overview of Komatsu's rope shovels

The P&H shovel family brings to bear more than 100 years of expertise in designing and engineering tough, smart loading machines built to pursue the lowest cost/ton operation in the industry.
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Surface mining industry

Stay on top of trends with help from our experts, customer success stories and industry point-of-view—so you feel equipped to successfully maintain and optimize your operation.
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